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Make Pet Parenting Memorable


This is a pet parenting web space dedicated to improving canine care through shared information and personal stories.

In here you will find:

Great information to help you with your  fur baby.

Amazing photo tips while exploring dog-friendly   places.

Delicious and safe homemade recipes for your canine companion.

Super gift ideas that you, and your pooch, will absolutely love!

Our puppy’s story from the beginning.

We want to inspire you to be the best human parent a dog could ever have!

For Dog Lovers, From Dog Lovers

My name is Nádja Vieira. I am the blogger, and my husband is the IT man  making this website run smoothly

Jos and I have owned dogs all our lives: little ones, big ones, pure breed, mixed breed, from responsible breeders; and rescued ones, too. We have learned so much about the canine world with these incredible beings. Also, I have made a favorite hobby of mine to learn from the literature and experts on the field concerning  Canis lupus familiaris. This habit started when I was in my early teens, and throughout the years it has given me the background to help family and friends with their own dogs.  

I am not a veterinarian, but I pride myself on successfully raising dogs for over 40 years.

Tulip Puppy was created with the intent to build a community of dog lovers where we come together to share our experiences. With that in mind, we help you understand and build a better relationship with your canine friend. Also, we will be thrilled to share with you the stories of our next dog, coming up in May 2023.  

Make Pet Parenting Memorable


Featured in From Both Ends Podcast S1E16, titled “Before You Get a Dog”.

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