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Famous Dogs on Instagram and Emerging Accounts in 2023 To Follow

On social media, four-legged influencers are a real thing. In fact, some of them have millions of followers.

Here is a list of some of the most famous and up-and-coming Instagram accounts featuring dogs that are worth checking out.

Most Famous Dogs On Instagram

I just can’t with such cuteness!!!! With 9.5 Million followers in 2023, Jiff is the top influencer on social media. This Pomeranian looks like a teddy bear and poses for amazing photos.

OMG, he is hilarious! And those catchy lines? I am sure his 3.7 Million followers have a great laugh with this witty pug.

Ah, the apple of our eyes! This sweet Samoyed beauty has a solid 1.9 Million followers! Maya is featured in hilarious videos on YouTube and has great images on Instagram.

Two times Pet Influencer Award Winner, this Golden Retriever has 3.3 Million followers on Instagram!

Topi shares some great photos with his thousands of followers.

Great photos of this Golden Retriever who loves the outdoors. The landscape is amazing!

Bulldog Reuben is a celebrity in his hometown Wilmington, NC. He and his human have a lot of fun together.

Lovable Dog Instagram Accounts

These two dachshunds love for each other will melt your heart!

A Californian dachshund and his buddy are captured in incredible bright, uplifting photos.

Sophie is an artist who, with flowers and photos, tries to get new homes for shelter dogs.

The cutest mini dachshund has a beautiful pastel color Instagram account.

A collection of nice color-contrast photographs of two Scottish Terrier brothers.

Zuri is an English Cocker Spaniel whose lovely eyes will melt your heart.

Emerging Instagram Accounts

Beautiful photos of a sweet Golden Retriever

This Instagram account is all about a very cute labradoodle’s life.

Sweet and funny photos of a Golden Retriever.

Crystal is a fluff ball! Through her Instagram account, we get to see this adorable Samoyed puppy grow.

Check out our Instagram account.

Informational Accounts

Recipes and information on dog nutrition with holistic dog nutritionist Hannah Zulueta.

Holistic veterinarian and author whose life mission is to educate people on natural pet care.

Veterinarian surgeon and nutritionist on the importance of species appropriate diet.

Recipes and information on species appropriate raw feeding.

Recipes and information on raw feeding for pets.

Great information for all types of dogs. 

It is not just a dog show. It features great activities between dogs and their humans. All dogs, including mutts and mixed breeds, are allowed in every activity except for conformation (what people know as “dog show”). Crufts includes awareness to shelter dogs. It showcases the cooperation between dogs and humans through several sports and jobs. It highlights organizations that, with their dogs, better the life of a human in need, or the welfare of a community.

And of course, our own Instagram account with lots of information and nice photos.


Let’s face it, we all love Instagram! And nothing gives dog lovers a bigger smile than cute, funny, or beautiful photos of these incredible four-legged beings.

From famous dogs on Instagram to accounts that are emerging to the spotlights, we’ve listed some that we think are worthwhile for you to check out.

Do you already follow any of the above?  

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